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West End Area Service Committee of NA

Service Board & Subcommittee


“NA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service  boards and committee directly responsible to those they serve.”

Tradition Nine is not an excuse for dis-organized service work; instead, it recognizes that our fellowship does require a certain degree of organization to fulfill its primary purpose.  Rather than recommend that NA groups themselves become organized, the Ninth Tradition suggests that groups organize separate boards and committees to serve their needs.  Just as we are nonprofessional but may hire professionals to help us, so we are not organized but may organize boards or committees to serve us.  This arrangement ensures that NA as such, maintains its uncluttered, direct approach to recovery while assuring our ability to fulfill service tasks requiring a certain amount of organization.

Whenever possible, organized service work should be kept distinct from the groups so that they can remain free to simply and directly fulfill our primary purpose, addict to addict.  The boards and committees we do organize, we organize on the basis of need only, using the simplest guidelines possible.  We organize them solely to serve us, not to establish a complex governing bureaucracy.  The Ninth Tradition is far from complicated; in fact, it speaks throughout of simplicity.

Area Chair                                          Lateef S.                                     (984) 206-9076
Area Vice Chair                                  Carmen W.                                (404) 593-3417
Area Treasurer                                  Willow                                         (678) 338-6596
Area Alt. Treasurer                           VACANT
Area RCM                                           Angel J.                                       (678) 973-5364
Area Alt. RCM                                    VACANT
Area Secretary                                   Tony S.                                        (321) 999-5752
Area Alt. Secretary                           VACANT
See Area Policies for responsibilities of each Officer.
Sub-Committee Chairs
H&I Chair                                           Kim S.                                          (859) 888-5957
PR Chair                                             VACANT
Policy Chair                                        VACANT
Phone Line Chair                              Frank R.                                       (678) 593-7461

Literature Chair                                 Diane

    Archive Chair                                     Jerome                                        (404) 5587-4799
Web Page Facilitator (Acting)       Josh                                              (404) 838-3210
Activity Chair                                     Susan                                          (678) 683-6194
Activity Treasurer                             Linda A.                                     (678) 847-3800
    Audit                                                  Curtis                                           (678) 644-4367
Subcommittee under Activity:
Vice Chair


Programming Chair                          Archie                                          (404) 822-8175

Registration Chair                             Vanessa W.                                 (404) 453-5895

Merchandise Chair                            Bernard G.                                  (404) 723-7667
Entertainment Chair
Hotel Chair
Hospitality Chair

Serenity Keeper

Arts & Graphic Chair

We are always in need of Trusted Servant and “Service is for those We Serve.”  Let us be a part of the solution and not the problem.

  • Nomination for ALL positions begins in August of each calendar year and ends September of each calendar year and voting takes place at the October Area meeting.
  • After September meeting positions that have nominee’s are closed, no one can be nominated for a position in October unless that position is open.  October is for voting for nominee’s that have been presented to home groups by their GSR.
  • The one year commitment (term) begins in December of each calendar year.

West End Area Service Committee