Service Prayer

God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts.

Instill in us a sense of your purpose, make us servants of your will and

grant us a bond of selflessness that this may truly be your work, not ours, so that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.


The purpose of the Committee shall be to administer and co-ordinate the activities common to the welfare of the NA groups within the communities within the West End Area represented.

  • To support the needs of these groups, to serve as a link between these groups and other NA Communities within the West End and to foster unity.
  • For the purpose of these guidelines, the term “Narcotics Anonymous (NA) group” shall be defined as stated in the service manual of Narcotics Anonymous.


  • Maintain and amend the Policy & Procedures Handbook
  • Review and monitor the policies of WEASC in adherence to the current PRC document:
  • Ensure all changes agreed by WEASC are carried out and the amendments made in a timely manner
  • Ensure all policies and procedures of WEASC are conducted within guidelines set in the PRC document.
  • Attend monthly WEASC meetings and act as arbitrator on any issues where necessary.
  • Manage queries received by GSRs and Officers of WEASC and respond in a timely manner.
  • Perform research for current best practices of policies and procedures of other relevant NA committees and suggest changes to the West End Area Policy.
  • To report and suggest to the amendments to policies & procedures as a result of research, in line with the best current practice or current NA changes.
  • To maintain records of all actions agreed.
  • To see that all records and equipment are turned over to new trusted servants in order to maintain continuity and history at AGM.
  • To keep detailed financial records with receipts for all expenditures and present written financial reports as required to the Subcommittee and the Eastern Area
  • Service Committee Treasurer and provide an end of year financial report at the AGM.  When asked form an ad-hoc sub-committee to carry out specific tasks.